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Tuesday, April 7th

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have. -Vince Lombardi WOD: A.) Strict Press 8-8-8 B.) For total reps “Death by Deadlift and Burpee over Bar 1st min. 1 DL (155/115) 1 Burpee over bar 2nd min. 2 DL 2 Burpee over bar 3rd min. 3 DL 3 Burpee […]



Are you pulling your weight? (literally)

Pull ups are a pretty standard movement incorporated in CrossFit workouts. They are an integral movement in your fitness regime. Helping to develop quality muscle, power, explosiveness and body awareness. But if you think about it it’s not that basic of a movement, it ranks on the intermediate level of gymnastic style movements. For many pull […]