CFT Challenge 2015

Congratulations to ALL of you for participating in the CFT Nutrition Challenge!! All of you put in a great effort and many of you saw PR’s in your deadlift and Baseline workout. Way to go tribe!


Our winners are….

Tim A and Melissa H!! Congratulations you two! Great job on all your hard work and effort you put into the challenge. Melissa accomplished her goal and got her first pull up during the challenge period and Tim stuck to his game plan with consistent WODs in the gym and extra work grappling 3-4 x/s a week on top of CrossFit and lost over 10 lbs because of that.

In closing, I want you all to keep in mind that regardless of “winning” a challenge or not, how much progress you really have made in only a months time. The PR’s, the improvements in the your workouts, the way you look/feel don’t lie! Remember that its not just about a month long challenge, but a progressive goal of overall health. Sure we’ll all have our cheat meals here and there, but remember the amount of determination you had this last month and changes you experienced from it. Hope this last months goals will help you in continuing on your path toward success!