September Athlete of the Month!!!!!!!

Crossfit Trifecta is happy to announce your September Athlete of the Month! We try our best to take notice of all the hard work our athletes provide in the gym, and this month, we noticed Katie Inserra. Read about her progress, and be sure to congratulate her! Congratulations, Katie




First and Last Name: Katie Inserra


Age: 35


Hometown: Vista, CA (Although I was born and raised near Seattle, WA)


How long have you been with CrossFit Trifecta? 5 months


What’s your favorite WOD? (so far) Anything with gymnastics skills (HSPU’s are my favorite)


What’s your least favorite WOD? (so far) Karen


In 3 words or less describe your average day at CrossFit Trifecta. Entertaining!


What were you doing before CrossFit? Not a lot.Growing up, I was a competitive gymnast and after an injury took me out of the sport, I played volleyball, was on the cheer squad and a diving team. During my twenties, I slowed down and was not very active. I’d love to say I was working out or running, but I wasn’t doing anything before starting CrossFit.


How did you hear about CrossFit and/or CrossFit Trifecta? Back in 2008, my friend and I were talking about working out and she mentioned another friend of hers tried this “CrossFit thing” in Atlanta. So, we found the only CrossFit affiliate in the entire state of South Carolina at that time and it was in a martial arts facility, not a real CrossFit gym. I found CrossFit Trifecta by looking online. A 5am class was offered which worked with my busy schedule so I gave it a try.


Give us some insight as to your thoughts after your first workout at CrossFit Trifecta. I was hooked! Everyone was really nice and welcoming. The coaches were so involved with each athlete before, during and after the workout. Although I had done CrossFit for many years and had previously been a coach, I was so appreciative of the time they took to explain each movement, the workout and modifications. I could tell the coaches take great pride in the safety and well-being of each athlete.


Tell us a little about then vs. now. In regard to your fitness level before you found CrossFit Trifecta to now. My fitness level has improved tremendously. I had gotten a bit out of shape during my break from CrossFit so it’s been great to get back into it.


Do you have any special or favorite CrossFit Trifecta memories/moments? After my first workout, a few of the members invited me out for coffee. They made me feel very welcome!


What advice would you give to someone just joining CrossFit Trifecta? Have fun! Fitness is not a race and remember that we have all been in your shoes.


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