Reviews from Yelp

Joe G.
San Diego, CA

“I’ve been to a few crossfit gyms and have heard some horror stories about others. Crossfit and Crossfit Trifecta is unlike any other thing I’ve ever ventured into. I wasn’t really expecting my favorite thing about coming here would be getting to experience such amazing athletes, coaches and people in general.

Honestly, I’d love to keep this place a secret but the owners are such wonderful people that I want nothing more than for Crossfit Trifecta to be successful for a really long time!
So now that I got that out of the way here’s what you can expect if you’re thinking about dropping in for a WOD or becoming a full-fledged member of the CFT family:

Programming: Every week and every day is very diverse. You can expect to see every type of movement in any given week.  We are tested physically and mentally on a daily basis with various rep schemes…nothing repetitive.   AMRAPs, EMOM, 3 rounders,  5 rounders and Chippers. You will definitely enjoy yourself…after you catch your breath!

Coaching: Coach Tommy is so concerned about getting everyone better that he leaves no stone unturned. Every movement is broken down in terms that anyone can comprehend. Something as simple as spine alignment on a deadlift to complicated techniques like proper kip on a ring muscle up.  The rest of the coaching staff is very knowledgable and willing to help athletes at any level. They are well-versed in proper technique, mobility and injury prevention. They don’t care how fast you go or how many rounds you complete as much as they want you to learn the proper way to do a burpee, pull up or Olympic lift.

The Box:  There’s everything you need in a typical crossfit box: rowers, tractor tires, foam rollers and plenty of room to do those awesome 400M runs!

Schedule: there are plenty of classes to fit anyone’s schedule with possibly more being added. Regular WODs, conditioning programs, Olympic lifting classes and fundamentals are scattered throughout the week.

Go to here. That is all.”

Kornel G.
Vista, CA

When I first was thinking about trying out CrossFit I asked a bunch of friends if they had ever tried it, the response was pretty much the same all around. You’ll get hurt, stick to 24 hr fitness and you’ll be better. The problem is I had a membership for 3 years and never saw a change in my body, barley would work up a sweat, I could hardly even get sore.
I decided to give it a shot, I found CrossFit Trifecta  and was stoked it was just a few miles from my house. I came to a free Saturday group class to see how it was. I showed up and felt so welcome just walking into the door. Everyone was so interested in me and why I was there. The warm up alone got my heart going more than it had been in years. Then we started the workout, It was a team amrap workout and it didn’t seem to hard. I started and it took me about 4 min to finish, I was huffing and puffing, sweating like crazy. I was glad I had a partner and thought I would get to rest for at least 4 min right? Nope 90 seconds later it was my turn again, so off I went. Took even longer that round for me and shorted for my partner! I couldn’t believe how in shape everyone was and out of shape I was. We finished up and I could barely breath, my partner said good job, get some water then meet me outside for part 2. Part 2! I was exhausted and he was ready for the next workout! Well with a lot of encouragement I was able to complete part 2. I got home took a 4 hour nap, woke up thinking how sore I was and wanted more.
A week later I started my first class of fundamentals. The coaches were teaching us the proper technique to do all the lifts from the ground to over my head. They are so thorough with teaching you the correct ways of lifting, I started going to the normal classes and loved them. I was recommend to try the Olympic lifting classes to help perfect technique.
I have been apart of the CrossFit trifecta family for a little over 7 months now, I was helped in my eating habits and lost over 15 lbs of fat and put on 18 lbs in muscle.
I would highly recommend joining us at a Saturday morning class and seeing how great it can be not settling for a mediocre life

Lindsay F.
Vista, CA

“I told a cross fitting friend of mine that I was interested in what she did to work out.  She dragged me (slightly unwillingly) to a Saturday wod at CrossFit Trifecta right after they opened, and I haven’t stopped going since.  I’ve now been a member there for a year and four months.

The community of athletes and coaches makes CFT a second home for many of us.  Trifecta coaches are knowledgeable, friendly, and they maintain all athletes’ safety as the priority.  But rest assured, they also know how to push their athletes to make tremendous gains and reach their best performances.  Every workout is a butt-kicker, and you won’t find a better, more supportive group of people to get you through.”

Jack R
Escondido, CA

“This place is awesome.  I’d been working out off an on for the past year or so, and decided I wanted to get serious about my fitness.  A friend recommended CrossFit Trifecta to me.  I’d heard about CrossFit and I wanted to see what all the hype was about.  I went in on a Saturday (which is free if you’re a first-timer) and got WORKED OVER by the workout!

Since then, I joined the gym, and I’ve been going there for about 2 months.  In that short time, I’ve seen MAJOR improvements in all my lifts and times, and I can literally FEEL myself getting stronger.  CrossFit is unlike any other workout plan I’ve been on, and I’ve played sports my whole life.  You’ll hurt and be sore and probably work harder than you ever have before, but for some reason, you’ll keep coming back for more.

The coaches at the gym are helpful and friendly, but they WILL push you.  You’ll start to feel like a family with the rest of the CrossFitters in no time.  Plus, you’ll be able to add some cool vocabulary to your day like “WOD, AMRAP, and Fran.”

Excellent workouts and people here.  You won’t be disappointed.”

Morgan H.
Vista, CA

“Okay, let’s get real. I am getting older and out of shape. I am not a “gym” guy, and I don’t want to be. And walking into any fitness place can be a little intimidating. But honestly this is not like your typical gym. There is not a sea of equipment or even showers for that matter. The atmosphere is not like a big gym either (and that is a good thing) This is more like personal training in a small group. In fact that is exactly what it is. The workout was challenging and scaled to my fitness level. The coach was great. The people in the class were really nice and supportive too.  The office manager is pregnant and expecting her first daughter, and my wife just had a little girl so we had a lot to talk about before the workout began. The other people in my class all introduced themselves. A few were military, and a few from other crossfits in the area, and a few were professional or semi professional mixed martial artists. But there were also a couple of mom’s and college students along with my friend and I that came to try it out.  Without exception they were all really friendly and helpful. The coach set the tone, and everyone was paired for a team workout for time. Before we started the coach showed me how to swing a kettle bell and do a burpie.  The workout was competitive in a fun and supportive way.  I couldn’t finish the running without walking to catch my breath, but everyone was yelling and cheering each other on and it was motivational giving everyone inspiration to do their best.

This was a free Saturday morning workout, and they have them every Saturday at 9:00am-10:00am. I would encourage anyone who is interested to give it a try.”

Amy H.
Vista, CA

“My husband and I started at CrossFit Trifecta in June 2012, right before our wedding.  I’m a 5’1″ woman and my husband is a 6’5″ guy. I didn’t think that we’d ever be able to do the same workouts, but at CrossFit Trifecta they are able to modify any workout to make it so that each person is perfectly challenged for their size and level of fitness. From the very beginning both of us were hooked. We both love the friendly competition blended seamlessly with encouragement and companionship.

The people are really what make CrossFit Trifecta invaluable. Recently I invited three friends to join me for a weekend class. They were all very nervous at the beginning as it was each of their first times trying CrossFit. By the time they left, each had a huge smile on their faces and reiterated to me how friendly, helpful, encouraging , and welcoming the other Trifecta members were. My two friends that live in downtown SD are even thinking about driving up every weekend because they can’t imagine finding a better group to workout with.

Some days are harder than others and there are times when my work keeps me from working out consistently. Yet, I always feel the full support of the other members and the coaches at CrossFit Trifecta. Tommy and Samantha Pease, the owners, have created an amazing community that inspire me daily.

I highly recommend CrossFit Trifecta to anyone that is looking for a way to take your fitness to the next level. The coaches at Trifecta know how to work with everyone, from the reforming couch-potatoes to the super athletes. They can work with you to achieve your goals, while welcoming you in like family.”

Kirby S.
San Diego, CA

“I’ve been attending Crossfit Trifecta for 6 months, and from the very first workout I was hooked!  The atmosphere and energy give you a special buzz you just keep wanting to experience over and over again.

Our coaches at Trifecta truly care about each individual’s success and are passionate about what they do.  They keep a positive attitude during work outs and are always there for a word of encouragement or a bit of extra coaching when you need it.  I love the coaching staff at Trifecta and I doubt a better group exists!  They all inspire me daily to work harder, push my knees out, and be the best I can be.

Of course I can’t write a review without mentioning my favorite part of the gym, and that’s the tribe. This isn’t a normal gym with a stranger on the treadmill next to you.  This is a crossfit box where you’re sweating with your friends and team mates. So many times I’ve wanted to give up when someone yells out my name and their energy gives me that extra push to get back on the bar and finish my last set of pull ups.  We WOD together and we have fun together. Once you are a part of it you want to stay a part of it mainly because of the friendships you form.

I’m here to stay.”